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3Dit Medical practitioners working as a rehabilitation team for providing Medical devices to their clients. This includes patient assessment, Scanning/Casting, 3D Printing, and a manual fabrication/manufacturing, ensuring that each patient receives the best devices/components for their unique fit and goals. We make you live an active life than just providing a device. We know that providing the best possible prosthetic or orthotic device for you is more than just replacing a lost limb or correcting/supporting limbs and spine; it is about helping you regain independence so you can move forward with renewed confidence and hope for the future.

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From Assessment to Fitting

We take care of you from assessment, scanning, designing, and fitting. We make sure you have the right device for your case.
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The patient is assessed in detail for proper diagnosis and then a...
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In the 2nd step of the process, the needed body part is scanned/ca...
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Scanned model is designed in software with an accurate process.
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3D Printing

A 3D physical required model is printed using advanced technology...
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We are based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and located in Elite AlTahliya - Ibrahim AlJaffali Street but we can serve you wherever you are, for more information contact us at +966556662734

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